The Smol Bananas vision has always been to become an integration into Smolverse as a utility token in the metaverse/game.

We thought that if Smol Brains gets bigger and their IQ gets better - what if bananas means better survival odds, boosted health, and performance for productivity in Smolverse?

Ultimately our ideas for what nanas can be used for in Smolverse is:
- Farming and growing bananas with staking
- Trade bananas or seeds, create a nana business in Smolverse
- Buy and sell bananas as a consumer
- Consume and/or use bananas


Bunch Sizes - 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 10 ,20, 50, and 100

Colors: Yellow, Green, Spotted Yellow, Red, Pink, Purple, Black, and Blue

Colors represent different use cases, “XP”, “EQ”, and nutrients

Ex. Yellow gives you the perfect amount of nutrients and XP to maintain current level of life and IQ, but eating black banana that is rotten will make you lose overall health level. It can put a block on IQ productivity. Another example with a purple banana is that it could give you boosted productivity/brain functionality, etc.


Wen WL? Wen Mint?

As stated before, there is no WL or plan for minting at the moment. Please follow us on Twitter and be in the Discord for further updates.

Is Smol Bananas an Official Smolverse Project?

We are not an official project of Smolverse, but with the support of the Nana Fam hope that it will happen in the future.

Why was Smol Bananas created?

Smol Bananas was created as a fun side project to build something alongside the Smol Brains team and $Magic. Our aim is to work directly with the treasure/smol team to make nanas a reality in Smolverse starting with Smol Brains - and hopefully expand to Smol Bodies, and more.

Who is on the team?

At the current moment the team consists of the Founder (hey!), our Artist, and 7 Community Moderators. Find them in our Discord and say hello!

What comes next?

At the current moment we are doing our best to build our community, strategize on the future, and make new frens ;)